Rate Card

Reach All UK Radio for less then the price of one city centre billboard

Introductory rate card 2021

£350 - Create up to 3 Audio Stories using existing in-house content. (No background music please.)

£600 - Create up to 4 Audio Stories with your own Entertainment Journalist for the day to research and interview your talent.

Packages, including additional stories, can be easily put together for longer running events/shows.

Where possible, we also provide the audio/interview in it’s full form. This allows useful access for stations who like to make longer features.
A typical Klaxon story package will include: Editing audio into 20-40 second cuts – the optimum length for use in News reporting and for On-Air Entertainment features. Writing three line copy stories to accompany the audio clips, creating attention grabbing banner headlines. We always look for the local hook, so if there is an element of regionality that will appeal to stations, and listeners, we will make sure this is highlighted for extra take-up. (This is great for promoting tours). We post your stories with accompanying audio and images on to the Klaxon site.  Your stories are then individually promoted via e-marketing and email. All stories are included in our daily Audio What’s on Guide. Finally we gather information on the campaigns usage and report this back to you.
We know the HUGE importance of coverage reporting to your job. For both packages, we provide you with detailed, and punctual, usage reports. Radio is often the hardest medium to get physical assets to demonstrate it’s uptake. We make it a much more visible medium with our usage reports, which let you know the activity and downloads that your radio stories generated.

We send your audio stories out using our e-marketing e-mails. We can then feed back how your audio was accessed and downloaded and by who. However, e-marketing is never 100% effective due to the array of spam filters in place, so to maximise the reach and up-take we also send an additional plain text email with the url’s to your stories. Other than the extra story reads and downloads we can’t report any additional information from users accessing the stories via the direct url’s.