About The Klaxon

The Klaxon was created by Sophie Malcolm a former Radio Presenter, Producer, Journalist and Showbiz Reporter for the BBC, Capital, Bauer, and Entertainment News.

For the radio industry the ‘new normal’ doesn’t just refer to life post lock-down, it also has to incorporate the seismic quake that September’s Greatest Hit’s Radio roll out has had on local radio across the UK.

Hi there, my name’s Sophie Malcolm.  Pre Covid, I set about addressing a big gap I had spotted in the radio market.
As an Independent Radio Journalist who’s worked across the UK’s top radio networks: Global, Bauer and the BBC, it became very clear to me that these three groups get access to tonnes of entertainment audio that just isn’t made available to smaller, independent, community stations.
So, getting hold of that audio and giving it to busy on-air talent (for free) become my one-woman mission.
Understandably, being events based – with no new films, no new comedy tours or local gigs to report on – I was firmly up on bricks from March – August.
But life’s heading in the right direction – right…?
With this in mind if you’re a radio or podcast broadcaster I’d really love to hear from you about what kind of entertainment audio you’d like me to chase up for your shows.
Likewise, if you’re a Marketing or Press professional wondering how to reach a huge swathe of Local Radio that, so far, has been notoriously tricky to reach, then get in touch.
I’m lucky enough to have met some super talented radio colleagues/friends over my 25 years working in UK radio. I’m delighted that some of these top radio bods have joined me to work on The Klaxon.