About The Klaxon

There are over 600 Radio Stations broadcasting across the UK, how are you getting your message to them?

Radio talks about what’s happening now; If your message is current and easy to broadcast, it will get used. So let’s get your entertainment news on-air.
At The Klaxon we specialise in creating Audio Press Releases for Radio alongside providing long-form interview audio for stations suited to more in-depth entertainment content.
A busy commercial, music-based radio station might just have time for a 30 second clip and mention, yet lots of talk based stations will have the time to play out a full interview package.  We make sure we cover both bases for your ents message. By talking to stations in their chosen format – we get your message talked about.
Our on-air database is HUGE and we contact them about each individual story.
One of the biggest assets is that we can completely max-out your existing resources; Packaging your in-house content into radio-ready stories for easy, quick use.
Of course, we’re always happy to research and interview the talent you’re promoting – but we know too how valuable that time is. So we think the jewel in our crown is getting you huge added results from the content you are already sitting on.

What Makes Us Unique?

The Klaxon was created by Sophie Malcolm, a former Capital Radio Presenter, Producer, BBC Journalist and Bauer Showbiz Reporter.

Hi, Sophie here; As an independent journalist I can provide your audio stories to all UK radio.
I’ve spent many years growing a huge database of contacts both in the larger radio groups like Bauer and the BBC but also, really importantly, in the many hundreds of Independent, Community, On-line and Hospital radio stations who just don’t get hold of entertainment audio stories.
Did you know that just over 50% of UK radio stations are outside of the ‘Big 3’ groups; The BBC, Global and Bauer?
There are:
290 Community Stations
194 Hospital Radio Stations
39 Local BBC Radio Stations
65 Student Radio Stations
and 60 Independent Local Radio Stations (ILR’s)
I make sure your content gets to them!
As an Independent Radio Journalist, who’s worked across all three of the UK’s top radio networks: Global, Bauer and the BBC, I’ve got a unique perspective and insight into how and what works on-air.
So, if you’re a Marketing or Press professional wondering how to reach a huge swathe of local radio that, so far, has been notoriously tricky to reach, then do please get in touch.